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We bring innovations to life and create with you, products & services your customers are ready to pay for.

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It takes 1 week only to be able to invent and experience your new product, service or business. Forget about endless development phases, meetings and distractions. We create something with you, your customer is dreaming of (and paying for) within 1 week.

Agile Cosmopolitan guides your team step-by-step through the Design Sprint invented by Jake Knapp from Google Ventures. It’s a proven framework to solve challenges within up to 5 days by designing, tangible prototypes which get tested by real users. Design Sprints are a practical way to apply Design Thinking and shares the best out of Lean Startup and Agile methodology. 

Lufthansa, Daimler, Bose, Apple, Uber, Airbnb and many more companies trust in the power of Design Sprints.

We offer also Design Thinking Workshops and Keynote Speeches. Contact us and get inspired!

All formats are worldwide available as we are open-minded and ready to travel. Agile Cosmopolitans office is located inside Hamburg Germany.


Mobility Design Sprints

We are specialized in Mobility. It’s the perfect match between our passion for technologies and travelling.

Agile Cosmopolitan, are global citizens and we see intelligent mobility concepts as freedom – freedom to discover the world. Let’s revolutionize the mobility branch and urban infrastructure so that travelling between countries and within cities becomes easier and more convenient. We developed a special innovation format, called: “Mobility Design Sprint“.

Mobility Show

Exclusive insights into urban and international mobility concepts and technologies will be presented at the “Mobility Show“. It’s an event to brings together decision-makers, industry professionals, creative minds and key influencers from aviation, automotive, railway, naval and micromobility to discuss #NewMobility. People who are passionate about innovations like urban air mobility or self-driving cars. Because the key for innovations is networking beyond industries borders. 

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Join the LinkedIn Group “Smart Mobility -Think Tank & Network” to be a part of the community:
• Get insights into the mobility branches
• Share relevant news and updates
• Use the chance to build synergies
• Nurture valuable industry relationships
• Feel the market need and your potential
• Get inspired by new ideas
• Be visible inside the mobility sector

For listening to discussions around this topic, tune on the “Mobility Show” podcast:
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If you like to join with an interview, contact us.

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Partners & Friends

“Coming together is the beginning. Keeping together is progress.
Working together is success.” ― Henry Ford

I'm Cindy

Cindy Hadhri

I founded Agile Cosmopolitan out of my passion for creating innovations. In 2017 Design Thinking came across my way. It was a key & turning moment. From then on, I was convinced of the success of this approach. As an Aeronautical Engineer, I had many challenges to solve. Design Thinking gave me the mindset to be successful. I love to work with people from different cultures and fields; a basic requirement in Design Thinking.

Going this path, I learned about this approach and how to apply it. Fortunately, Jake Knapp invented a process to use Design Thinking, called “Design Sprint”. Since then I found, what I was searching for so long: A way to innovate in a bigger scale, not only alone in front of my computer.

My vision is to create new products, services and even businesses for you. I would like to share with you the tools to success and my experience, I gathered in companies like Airbus, Volkswagen, ZF and many more.

Another key to success is networking. Especially in Mobility I see the necessity to exchange among the different branches. Agile Cosmopolitan works as mediator to connect mobility players for smart innovations. The LinkedIn Group “Smart Mobility -Think Tank & Network” is only the beginning. Stay tuned for the podcast and the “Mobility Show”, an event which is coming soon.

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We bring innovations to life and create with you, products & services your customers are ready to pay for.
– easy & faster!